empowering grassroots conservation works

Kaziranga has been one of the best conservation success stories in the world. And the credit for this success goes not only to the authorities but also to the local community. Right from 1908, when it was designated as a Reserve Forest, the sacrifices and the contribution of the local community to augment the efforts of the authorities has helped shape the park, as we know today. Unfortunately, the local community has lagged in the socio-economic development index. If we were to analyse the reasons for this sad state, lack of education, empowerment and inclusiveness will feature as the prominent reasons.

We formed Kaziranga Foundation to help restart the process of empowerment and bridge the gap with the authorities.

The primary aim of Kaziranga Foundation is to work with persons and institutions having common interests for the conservation of nature, and sustainable co-existence and livelihood with nature, through education, empowerment, research, technology and agriculture.

Some of our Initiatives

Medical Camp for Forest Guards

Free Ambulance Service

Organic Cultivation