Blogs by Bhaskar J. Barua

Bhaskar J. Barua is the founder of Agoratoli Resort and co-founder of Kaziranga Foundation and Kaziranga Organics. He is passionate about wildlife conservation, empowerment of locals, ecotourism, and wildlife photography. Having lived in Agoratoli from 2010, he is associated with the local community of the fringe areas of Kaziranga. He believes in empowering the local community for conservation works through ecotourism and sustainable agriculture.

Blogs of Bhaskar J. Barua are on diverse conservation and tourism issues pertaining to Assam and Kaziranga National Park – the local community, the plight of the forest guards, empowerment of the fringe area people, organic cultivation, government policies, sustainable and responsible tourism. He believes that wildlife conservation is not sustainable without the active involvement of the local community. And for that to happen, the authorities should help in empowering the community.

Bhaskar J. Barua dreams about converting the Agoratoli area into an organic hub and is pursuing his dream through Kaziranga Organics, where he is experimenting with high-value cash crops like Orchid and Anthurium cultivation. He has featured in the documentary-series SAVE THIS RHINO: INDIA aired in National Geography and anchored by Kevin Pietersen.

Rhino poachers – the new avatar

Isn’t it the duty of a welfare state to care for the families of forest guards who have laid down their lives, or severely handicapped in their line of duty?

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